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Local SEO is important to local Businesses in Bakers Mill. As a business owner, need to have online visibility among the customers in your local area when you offer your solutions and services to them. The people who search for help cannot find your business, and they will not purchase your products or services.

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As if you were opening a local business near Bakers Mill you would open your business on a high-traffic road if you wanted to be seen by your audience. 

A store on a back street with no passing traffic then, no one will notice you, and you’ll have trouble generating sales. With search engines such as Google, the search engine displays the results. It seems to be most relevant to the search query. 


The more you can do to ensure that search engines recognize as relevant your website, the more visible your company will be. To improve your business’ visibility in your local area, you can take several key steps. Local SEO Bakers Mill refers to the optimization of your business’ (and websites) ability to be found by search engine engines and comprises the above elements.


When a user searches for local businesses, they will usually see a map and three choices with further details and reviews for each; We know this as the Local 3 pack, Google map pack, or Google my business listing. 

The appearance of your business on this site should be your goal if you aim to achieve maximum visibility.


In terms of sales and new business, your local area is very important to most businesses reading this. Your online visibility can make a great deal of difference in Bakers Mill


Local SEO can increase your visibility to customers near your location. Increased website traffic means increased phone calls, more targeted organic leads, and ultimately more sales.




You can give your business an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


This guide incorporates easy to do action points and tips that will help your business become more visible in Bakers Mill. Taking action immediately will benefit your business if you follow through with the guide. You can also download this guide by clicking here.


These changes won’t produce results immediately. A search engine doesn’t work like that. It is important to realize, however, that the faster you make changes for your business, the faster the results will become clear. We typically observe positive changes over a four to eight-week period.



google my business




Google is the largest search engine in the world. It makes sense to focus most of your efforts here, as it’s where most of your visitors will come from. 


Google operates a system called Google My Business (sometimes shortened to GMB).


A Google My Business page acts as a directory page for your business inside Google. The search engine uses the data from these pages for local search results, so it’s really important that you set your page up.


First, you need to make sure you don’t have a Google My Business page already. Go to and in the search box type in the name of your business. If your business appears here, then your business has a Google My Business page already. 


The message on the page will tell you how to reset your login details or request access from someone else who has set it up on your behalf. If your business is new and doesn’t already have a Google My Business page, you will see the option to add your business.


TIP: Set up your Google My Business page and add in good quality content as recommended above. Make a note on your calendar to review your page quarterly.


When you first set up your page, you will need to follow the verification process. This will either be via post, telephone or email. Once your Google my listing profile approved, you will need to make sure you take the time to complete each section and add good content to your page.


google my business


These are the most important areas for you to focus on:


  • Business Name – Make sure you use your full legal business name. Don’t add in keywords here, such as “Local SEO Bakers Mill”, if that’s not part of your business name.
  • Business Description – Use this area to describe your business and talk directly to your customers. Get them interested in how you can help them with their problems.
  • Categories – Select categories that apply to your business. Don’t select irrelevant categories here.
  • Address – This should be your business address and you should ensure that you have the same details on your website for NAP consistency.
  • Telephone Number – This should be your business telephone number and you should ensure that you have the same number visible on your website for NAP consistency.
  • Website URL – Enter your business website URL here.
  • Opening Hours – Let people know when you’re open / available to assist them.
  • Photos – This is one of the most important areas on the page and one that people neglect. Add your logo, some pictures of you / your team, and photos / images of work that you have done for your clients.


There are some additional options on the page, such as creating coupons and short posts on your Google My Business page. We’ll talk about these in an email in the next couple of days.




One of the most important things that you need to remember to improve how your business ranks in Google’s local search results is your name, address and Phone Number (NAP).


It’s crucial that the NAP is correct for your business and consistently used across the Internet. This means your website, your Google My Business page, and any other online properties or directory listings.


Google will scan the various online listings for your business as one part of their method of ranking websites. If your business has a consistent Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) – this will help you in terms of how your business ranks in Google’s local search results or (SERPS)


Forgetting the search engines for a moment, a consistent NAP, is also useful for humans. It’s not just the search engines who will use the various online properties where the details of your business listing. Giving people the correct information so they know how to visit your website, call your business or visit your location (if you run a retail premises), helps them to have a better user experience. 


If a user finds the wrong information, this will lead to frustration and potential loss of leads.


TIP: Schedule a periodic check of your online listings to ensure that they’re all up-to-date and using the correct name, address and Phone Number. This is especially important if you’re planning to change your business name, address or Phone Number soon.


Some of the most common reasons for issues with your NAP include:


  • Changing your business address – When you update your business address or your business moves to a new location, it’s important to update your listings for your business online.
  • Having a retail address and a registered business address – pick one address that is used online and stick with it. It’s okay to have over one address, but just use the same consistent address for your business online.
  • Changing your phone number – Just like your address, look to use one consistent phone number online. It’s easy to make a mistake here if you change your number or perhaps start using a toll-free number instead.
  • Using additional phone numbers for call tracking purposes – These are great for tracking inquiries, but we should take care to ensure you don’t use them in your online listings.
  • Inconsistencies with how your written business name – This is more common than you may think. “Acme Ltd” is shorthand to “Acme” by mistake, which has just created an inconsistency with your business name.


These are just a few examples and getting these wrong can all affect your local SEO. Not only this, but they’ll also create a poor user experience when someone is looking for your business as they may have a problem calling you or visiting your location.


A citation is an online mention of your business’s name, address and Phone Number (NAP). They form an important part of helping your website to be visible to local customers. As we mentioned in the previous section on NAP, Google will use these citations to establish the credibility of your business for ranking in the search engines.


ezlocal hero local seo


There are two types of citation:

  • Full Citation – This is where your NAP are all present and match. This is the ideal result for your business.
  • Partial Citation – Only part of the NAP matches here. It’s better than nothing, but not an ideal result.


Citations provide value to your business when they exactly match the data used on your website and/or your Google My Business page.


As well as using the data for determining any authority that your business has, Google will also use it to verify the accuracy of the contact details in Google My Business listings. Helping Google to find consistent data across 30+ listings will benefit your business, as these different citations suggest the NAP information is correct.


Humans will see these citations too. The more places your company details are visible and correct, the more opportunities you have to drive new traffic and visitors to your business.


TIP: Take the time to check your existing citations and start creating some new ones. When creating citations, make a new email address for this purpose as you will get some marketing emails from some websites that you sign up for. It’s much easier to filter these with your new email address.


One of the most common options is to get a listing in directories. There are many of these that are national, local and even industry-specific. Some other options include question-and-answer sites, guest post bylines, profile pages and press releases.


You should always start with directories, as these are the easiest. Here’s an article from Moz, where they’ve separated out some recommendations into business categories –


It’s also possible to check the citations that your competitors have for their businesses by using a Google search. For example, you may perform a search like:


“Competitor Name” + “Competitor Postcode” -site:


The reason we add in the minus sign and the competitor’s website address is. Google filters these pages out from the search results. You can even do the same search for your own business to look at any citations that you already have.


Now you can go through the first 5-10 pages of results and make a note of any directory websites or opportunities for you to create a citation for your own business. Using the above tactics should get you up and running with at least 30 citations for almost any industry.


TIP: Take the time to check your existing citations and start creating some new ones. When creating citations, make a new email address for this purpose as you will get some marketing emails from some websites that you sign up for. It’s much easier to filter these with your new email address.


Remember, your prospects are also looking at your competitors. This is a simple fact. If you can make sure your reviews are in moral order and you have a steady stream of new reviews, you have an excellent opportunity of getting (and staying) ahead of them.


To get new reviews, ask your customers for them. This is something that you could add into the purchase cycle and even automate after I have made a purchase. You could also add a link on your website for customers to review your business or even one in your email signature.


This is not and should never be a one-off approach. Companies like Google are smart and they have technology that can notice when something isn’t right. You need to incorporate asking for reviews of your ongoing business activities. A large spike in reviews over one week and nothing happening again in the future is a big negative.


Reviews to your Google My Business page are the most important for your business. These should be your primary focus. The other websites such as Yell, Yelp or similar sites don’t need the same number of reviews.


Finally, never let your customers add reviews for your business from your store or office. Because Google knows you’re at this location, it’s easy for them to assume that you’re attempting to game the system.


TIP: Send out an email to 10 of your customers this week and ask them to leave a review on your Google My Business page. Pick 10 more customers for next week, and the same the week after. Set up a method for asking new customers for reviews after you’ve delivered the product or service that you purchased from now on.


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Last, but not least – you need to make sure that we focus the content of your website on your local area. We should note

 that this doesn’t mean you need to add in “[service name] Bakers Mill” everywhere on your site, as the search engines will find this to be a little over engineered. You can be a little more subtle than that.


Write content for humans first. They’re the people who will purchase your products or services. Content should be easy for them to understand and engaging enough to keep them on the page.


You can add regarding your location in the title tag, header tags, meta description and the major content areas of your pages. If you have any issues with creating content that is geo-targeted, think about highlighting customer success stories and case studies.


What else can you do? 

Quite a lot, actually…


TIP: Take some time to review the existing content on your website. Is it effectively talking about the location(s) that you serve? If it’s not, start planning to make some changes. For future content, try to add at least one new article each month that focuses on your local area.


If your business only serves one location, use your About page to highlight this and make sure they target your content towards this location.


If your business has multiple locations, make sure that you have a dedicated page for each location. On this page features the NAP, store hours and a unique description for each location. You can also add in testimonials from happy customers. It’s very important that you don’t duplicate content between these pages.


Use a Google Map on your contact page and location pages (if relevant). This will get you some bonus points from Google!


Think about how you can tie in content from your local area on your website. You engage users here and also to become a local authority in your industry or niche.


Local area content will typically be about more than just your business. You could have content about local events, industry meetups, local news, employees and other relevant educational content. Google’s search engine is smart, and it recognizes those who really dedicate content to their local area, without just promoting themselves.


You should regularly review your website’s content to ensure you’re getting the most value from everything that you create.


You should now know how you can tackle Local SEO and help your business to have more visibility in your local area. It can seem like a lot of work, but it’s the businesses who take action that really benefit for visibility to potential customers locally.


As we mentioned in the introduction, it is important to remember that you will rarely see instant results when you make these changes. The search engine algorithms don’t work like that, otherwise the results would be of inferior quality. So try to adopt a mindset that small and regular changes will compound into bigger results.


Throughout this guide, we’ve given your action points and tips that will help you stand out from your local competitors and be more visible to your local market. Some of your competitors are likely be ahead of your business for Local SEO Bakers Mill, and that’s okay. You can take advantage of citation sources that they’ve found, as just one example.


You’ll also be able to see just how many excellent quality reviews it takes to show in the map listing that Google displays for local searches. If you can see three competitors who have 20-40 reviews each, with most of these being high quality reviews – that’s giving you some sign as to the minimum goal you should aim for too.


Armed with the information in the guide and the emails that we’ll send you over the next week, you’ll be able to overtake your competition and really stand out from the crowd.


Keep an eye out in your inbox for those emails in the next few days. We’ve got some extra tips and ideas that will help you.


In the meantime, if you have questions, please get in touch! 

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope it has really helped you to increase your visibility and get ahead of your competitors. 


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