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Local Seo Atlanta  we believe that research is a key factor for any businesses campaign to succeed. Without having a super detailed action plan  in place then, your efforts to attract potential clients are likely to be inefficient and Unproductive.

Implementing the right Internet Marketing and local Seo  Atlanta these Solutions is be a great way to reach your goals faster while saving you money and time. However, if you do not have the experience and right expertise to develop a working plan then your way to success can just be a matter of expensive trial and error.

This is why we have designed a wide range of marketing strategy solutions to help you throughout the process of growing your business Online.
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Local SEO Vital Ranking Factors

*On-Page SEO | Trust
*Google My Business
*Structure | Internal Links

*Online Directories
*Link To Authority site
*Online Reviews

* Behavior, CTR, Dwell
* Quality Content
* Press Release

*Anchor Text
*DA Inbound Links
*User & Social Signals

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Local SEO Shows
Higher ROI For Local

For some it can be difficult to know where to spend there time when it comes to Optimizing Their Website for he search engines. With so many factors and Google Algorithm constantly Changing Know where to focus is key to maximizing your chances to Rank High In the SERPS.

Getting Local and small Business To Rank high is becoming more and more difficult as it is not just a keyword her and one there.

As more business realize they need SEO and opting in to pay for the service it get increasingly competitive therefore making it difficult the business owner to accomplish on their own.

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We Average A 93% Success Rate For 1st Page Rankings!

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Our 4 Step Local SEO Atlanta Strategy Is proven To Show Fast Results, More Roi and with Targeted Traffic Your conversion Rates Won't Disappoint. (provided you return your calls.)

1.Market Research - Target Audience -Discover Want they Want! Competition Research, Keywords, Link Profiles, Paid Ad spend, Social Platforms and their website. we research all the tops sites in the SERPS.


A lot of time is spent on this stage as it is what gets us continued results! we know what going on! and Develop an action plan that will drive the results expected!

2. One-Page SEO- We Develop A Strategy from the Data collected From the research above. We determine The structure of you site, (Over all design and URL Structure) | we determine 6 Months of content based of our keyword research , and search queries.

Develop A lead Gen Strategy (if needed) , Outreach opportunities for link Building, and and Business Relationships, Guest postings , Interviews, Influencers in you niche, Article, PDF and Magazine Submittals,.

3. It's time for the Off-page stuff now that your website is optimized, site can accept leads, and traffic. we begin with link building, and Creating A press Release ,youtube video and and start engaging with the social platforms promoting our new content .

4. we continue to add content build pages (if needed) , we set up split testing when and were it is needed.
We boost Face Book Posts, Twitter, Snapchat, what sup. (If Applicable)

This is also the time we begin any paid advertising (if wanted) FB, Snapchat, PPC search ads and YouTube act..
Measure and optimize all aspect of the campaign at all times being ready if something needs to be changed.

Someone who wants to deliver the My Name Is Cody If you have question call or text me (352) 578-1075‬

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