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GMB Listings

GMB Listings -Google My Business For The Local Business

As a small business owner, I am sure you have taken many steps so that people may find your business. Such as placing signage on the street, or running ads in the local paper, Google Ads, Social media marketing, or other digital marketing methods like local SEO.

You want people to see and hear about your business because that’s the only way customers are going to learn about you, what you have to offer and your products and services.

And did you know that GMB Listing or Google Business Listing also known as google local pack, map pack, three pack snack pack and others…

The Point is when you create a business profile on google they will do much of the work for you and get your local business noticed in your service area while showing up higher in the organic search therefore, getting you in front of your prospects.


  • find your business information and contact information
  • Phone number
  • business name
  • business hours
  • information about your business like events and updates
  • leave and respond to reviews
  • Use Google maps To Get directions
  • As and answer questions
  • Book or schedule an estimate or consulting call
  • Find out more about your products or services…
  • Even chat With right from with in your google my business profile


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It's no secret that people are using google Search to find the product or service they are looking for and this is where using Google my business has helped many businesses just like yours to reach their targeted market.

GMB Listings makes you more visible to customers even when they are on the street, right in the same neighborhood as your business. It’s able to do this because when customers are out searching for that product they need, they often use their phones, Google, and local search and google maps to find local businesses.

Do you what To Be found When people are looking for a local service area business?
And after entering the product, service, or company they’re looking for into the search engine, Google will provide a listing of three businesses nearby that offer that same exact thing. Customers see the listing, get directions to the location, and head on over to make their purchase.


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yes, people are using online search engines but many local searchers use google my business to search for your business learn how you can claim and verify your google account today. call us today or click her for a free quote.

Google My Business also increases the visibility of a business online, which is something every business can benefit from. In the same way that Google uses algorithms and ranking factors to
determine which websites will be placed higher than others in the search engine results page, they use those same algorithms and ranking factors to determine which businesses will get those coveted top three spots in the Google My Business listings.

When businesses can use those algorithms by customizing and optimizing their listing in Google My Business, they will gain more exposure and more visibility online by landing in those top three spots. And just like Google will increase exposure to those in the neighborhood, it will also increase exposure to those online, particularly if they’re close to the business location.

Creating a business profile in Google My Business comes with many benefits. But one of the biggest ones is that it will make your business more visible to customers whether they’re right outside your door or across town.

creating business profiles on google will:

  • Boosts Your local SEO, Google Search and google Rankings
  • A platform for content marketing
  • Builds Trust with your customers, prospects as well as the search engines
  • Do you need an Authorized representative: check out google knowledge panel for the guidelines for representing your business.

How to use you GMB listings download our free GMB and SEO Guide Today! Or if you want someone to manage or build your listing we can help 386-406-5715
Get a Valuable Marketing Tool Today, and For Free!

Businesses, even small businesses, spend thousands of dollars a year on advertising. And if you’re like many business owners, marketing is one of the biggest expenses you have in running your business. But what if you were told there is a marketing tool out there that’s highly effective and comes at no cost to you whatsoever. That tool is Google My Business, and it’s one of the most important marketing tools a business owner can utilize.

Google My Business is an online directory that holds hundreds of thousands of different business listings. But it’s not just any online directory.

Many consider it to be the best because it’s run by the mega magnate Google, and millions of people perform searches on Google every day. Of course there are other search engines, and many of them are very useful and are also used by consumers every day. But there’s no doubt that Google is the biggest, so when they offer free marketing to business owners,

why wouldn’t they take it?

When business owners list their business on Google My Business, they have a chance of appearing in the top three spots of Google’s search results page. These result are know as the local 3-pack, and only businesses listed in Google My Business are placed there. That placement is advertising because when customers search for a product, brand, or service, they will see those listings first. And when they do, there’s a very good chance that they’re going to check those businesses out before they look any further.

This is why Google My Business is so effective for business owners, but getting a listing is also completely free. It’s such a great tool that it can reduce marketing expenses for a company while putting more profits in their pockets at the same time. Business owners that have already listed their business with Google My Business already understand the many, free, benefits it brings. And those who haven’t seen it firsthand for themselves just yet have nothing to lose by giving it a try!

How Google My Business Can Take Over the Tasks of Your Front Desk

How much time do you, or your administrative assistant, spend every day answering phone calls? Most of them are likely questions from customers about where you’re located, what time you’re open, and what time you close.

How much time would it save you and staff members if you didn’t have to take several minutes out of every hour answering these questions? Probably more than you would even think at first. And now, you can do it and be more productive with that time by listing your business with Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free online directory of businesses big and small. And when you create a listing for your business within this directory, customers can find out all of this information
just by searching for your product, your company, or your service.

Within the listing you can include your hours of operation, directions (plus there’s a Google map giving them the exact location), and even whether or not something is in stock, or if you’re having a sale. And if customers do still need to call you after reading through your listing, they can do that too, with just a click or a touch of a button.

And along with finding the information they were looking for, consumers can also see a description of your business, photos, videos, and reviews that will be just as effective as personal recommendations. The customer will have so much more information than they
would get by just calling you.

When most people think of Google My Business or first hear about it, they think of the many marketing benefits the online directory can bring to their business. And while that’s true, there are many more benefits that come from it, too.

And one of them is that by allowing Google to answer your customer’s questions for you, you’ll have more time to devote to your company, product, or service so you can make it even better for those customers!

Learn More About Your Customers with Google My Business

Sometimes business owners know exactly who makes up their customer base. They know the age, gender, occupation, and perhaps even location of their typical customer. But in some cases, it can also be difficult to pinpoint that target audience, which can prevent business
owners from knowing exactly how to target them with their marketing.

And for many businesses, there are customers out there buying products that business owners don’t even realize. But now with Google My Business, business owners can learn everything they need to know about their customers; so they can target them even more when creating new products, and in future marketing campaigns.

Within Google My Business is an Insights tab, and this portion of the directory will tell you everything you need to know about your customers and those looking at your listing. For targeting purposes the audience section will be most useful as this area will tell you the age, gender, and countries of the people that follow you.

But there’s also a visibility section that will tell you just how visible your listing is to users and how many times the photos and posts are getting within Google My Business. High numbers will definitely indicate that the listing is effective, while dropping numbers may indicate that the listing needs to be further optimized.

Within Insights there is also an engagement section, which will tell you how many clicks, shares, and comments your content is getting. This will allow you to see what content your customers like the most, so you can post more of it!

If you want to get to know and understand your customers better (and what business owner doesn’t) Google My Business will help you do it. This online directory is more than just a
business listing. It’s a marketing tool that your can use for your business to learn more about your customers so you can get more of them through your door.

Get More Reviews, and More Customers, with GMB Listings

Online reviews are very important to a business, even those that aren’t an online business. Recent studies show that 56 percent of customers will go to a search engine to find reviews about a business before buying or using that business.

90 percent of people claim that online reviews help their buying decision and 80 percent of people trust online reviews just as much as they would trust a personal recommendation. There’s no denying it. Online reviews are very important to any business. And Google My Business can help you get more of them.

When a customer goes to a business’ Google My Business listing, they can post a review, which other customers and potential customers will see any time they visit the listing. And, judging by
the above stats, the more customers that see those reviews, the more of them will use your business, product, or service.

And the more reviews a business listing has, the higher Google will rank that listing so that even more customers see it. And while no business wants bad reviews, it’s the total number of reviews that matters to Google, not the overall tone of them.


But of course, bad reviews can be bad for business and so, it’s important that you respond to them. Tell the user that you’re sorry they had a bad experience and try to offer them a solution
that could make it better for them.

But it’s also just as important to respond to good reviews too. Someone took the time to post a review, and you should thank them for it. Customers never want to feel as though they’re just talking at a company; they want to feel as though they’re really interacting with the company.

Reviews are very important and if you’re not sure how to get them, just start asking your customers! This may feel forced and awkward to many business owners, but customers don’t mind. In fact, 70 percent of customers have said that they would leave a review for a business if they were asked to. So what are you waiting for? Start asking for reviews, start getting more reviews, and start bringing more customers through your door!

I hope this article about GMB Listings helps with your organic lead generation and add more customers and revenue to your bottom line and claim your place online today…

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