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Why Should You Be Building An Email List

5 Reasons Why Every Local Business Should Build an Email List

When it comes to digital marketing and reaching our to your customers about your company, share some news about a products or services, or even offer a promotion to get them into the door, there is no better way for business owners to do it than to start building a email list create an email list. And here are just five very good reasons why email marketing is important and why every local business owner should start building your email list.

An Email List is a Guarantee You’ll Connect with Customers

The entire point of marketing – any type of marketing – is to connect with customers. This is the only way to get your message across and entice them into using your business rather than a competitor’s. And building an email list is the best way to do it.

This is because with other types of marketing, whether it’s handing out or posting flyers, or advertising on social media, it’s still really difficult to connect with your customers. Sure, you could make the best and most enticing flyer.

But there’s still no guarantee that it will grab your customer’s attention. Or that they won’t throw it in the trash the second it gets into their hand. And you could follow all of the search engine’s algorithms and post the most interesting and entertaining content. But there’s still no guarantee that the people you’re trying to reach will even see the content, much less pay attention to it.

But that’s not the way it is when you have an
email list you can send emails to. With one email, you are guaranteed that your customers are going to see it, and that you’re going to have their attention for at least a moment or two. What you do with that moment is up to you, but you have it; and that’s very powerful in the world of marketing.

Nothing else can bring the guarantee of connecting with your customers the same way email marketing can. By just creating a great email campaign and hitting “Send”, you know you’ll make that connection. And who knows what will happen for you and your business after that? Maybe your customers will make that connection with you, too. There’s a very good chance
they will.

An Email List is a Way to Deliver Value to Your Customers

Business owners know that they can’t just be in it to get something from their customers. Even though they started their business in order to make a profit, it can’t just be about that.

The relationship between business owners and customers is a two-way street; especially local business owners that often have regulars and are on a first-name basis with many of their customers. And offering them a product or service for a price isn’t enough. Your competitors
are doing the same thing and if that’s all you have to offer, those customers could go to someone else that’s offering them just a little bit more.

But you could easily offer your customers more. And building an email list is an easy way to do it.

Once you have an email list of your best customers, or even your most interested customers, you can start sending them little treats and goodies that are of real value to them. Maybe it’s a free e-book, maybe it’s a coupon, or maybe it’s an exclusive sale just for those on your email list. You get to decide what it is, but the important things is that it’s something that offers them value.

That’s going to be the difference between customers going to you, or to a competitor. When customers see that business owners are willing to give back to them, it shows them that the business owners really care about them. And when they know that someone cares about them,
they’re more likely to care about them too, and use that business for the product or service they need rather than the one that’s never tried to reach out to them or offer them anything in return.

An Email List Can Keep You at the Top of Their Minds

Most business owners know that consumers will perform a search online before they buy a product or service. They will likely visit a business’ website to learn more about the product or service, and they may even read reviews about what they’re thinking about purchasing.

But did you know that 96 percent of people who visit a business’ website may be very interested, but they’re just not ready to buy yet? Consumers often need to sit with the idea for a little while before heading back and making that final purchase. But what’s to say that in the
meantime, they’re not going to forget about the product or service, or the business that offers it?

It could easily happen, and that’s a big fear for many business owners. But when an email list has been created, there’s no reason for business owners to have that fear any longer.

That’s because emails can be sent to the
customer after they’ve been sent to the site. They can be sent immediately,
they can be sent a day or two later, they can be sent anytime. And that will
keep the product, service, and the business at the forefront of the customer’s

And that’s important. When you can keep your business in the minds of your customers, there’s a much better chance that when they are ready to buy, they will go to you and not the competition. And you can do it just by sending a simple email. It only takes a few minute to create and when you do, you could see your profits increase because of it. Do that for all
of your customers, and think of how your revenue could soar!

Email Lists Take a Very Small Investment

Marketing is expensive. And every day, business owners are trying to figure out how they can do it as inexpensively as possibly. While there are many forms of affordable advertising, building an email list and using it to send out blasts to your customers is one of the best
ways to do it.

It really doesn’t take any time to build your email list. You can have an opt-in form on your website and collect email addresses while you’re doing something else. Then when it comes time to send out your email, you’ll have a large list of people to send it to.

And it doesn’t take any time to send out an email, either. That’s one of the reasons it’s the preferred form of communication for many customers, because email is quick and easy.

So you won’t be spending any time creating your email list, and you’ll only be spending a
few minutes composing your email. Any business owner would agree that’s very
little time for any marketing effort.

But what about the time it takes to send out an email to all those customers? You could just list them in contact groups and send it out yourself. Or you could use an email automation system and have them all sent out for you automatically.

We know what you’re thinking. There’s the catch, because email automation services must cost a lot, right? But they don’t. Self-managed email marketing campaigns can cost as little as $5 per blast. And if that’s not enough, it’s been said that the average return on email marketing
campaigns is $44 for every dollar spent.

That not only makes building a list for email marketing one of the cheapest forms of marketing, but also one with the biggest return on investment. With figures like that, it’s difficult to see why any business owner wouldn’t use it.

An Email List Lets You Stand Out in the Noise of Other Marketing Methods

There’s a lot of marketing techniques out there. And they’re all used by millions of different businesses. With so much advertising being blasted at them all the time, it can be difficult for people to really pay attention and notice your message. They may not see one in their social media newsfeed, and they may not go to a search engine to see the paid advertisements you’ve published there, or the press release your company just wrote.

But when you deliver your message straight to a customer’s Inbox, you know they’re going to see it. And because that Inbox wasn’t bombarded with messages, your message is going to stand out among the noise of the rest. So not only will they see it, but they’ll actually pay
attention to it. And they’ll remember it.

It’s much easier for a customer to remember that one stand-alone marketing message they saw, rather than remember one out of thousands. And when you have their attention, they’re much more likely to pay Attention to it and buy into your message – and your business’ product or service.

There’s a lot of marketing noise out there. Customers are blasted with advertising everywhere they go, especially when they’re online. Not only can it be tiresome for the customers to be marketed to all the time, but it can also be hard for the business owner to figure out a
way to stand out in the crowd among all that noise. Building a quality email list of customers that want to hear your message can be the step up your business needs. It’s a way to block out the noise, so your customers can focus on you.

5 Reasons Why Every Local Business Owner Should be Building A Email List

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