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Digital Marketing Agency Lake City Florida  We help local businesses just like you in getting more traffic  to your website, More targeted leads to your business with higher conversion rates giving you the ROI you are looking for out of an Marketing campaign.


Here at Ezlocal Hero we Believe in a proven process that is Research driven and result focused. We develop Marketing strategy and Action Plans and follow it for every one of our client’s while remaining flexible to change with continued market research.


Our Digital Marketing Agency Lake City Campaigns undergo careful Research to Get You Ultimate Results. 

  • Online Presence Audit-  know where you are currently fives us a clear picture on where to start in your campaign.
  • Research- We Research the  Market in that local area the client’s competitors, average cost of requiring a customer and what the current state of client’s online presence if any.
  • Competition Analyses-  we find your top competitors online what they spend on advertising, their keywords, backlinks, and find the “GAP” then we slither right in there and beat them.
  • Learn-  Our clients niche, what they do, how it works, the lingo and correct vocabulary… Getting to know the business helps us in developing a good Marketing Strategy, getting targeted and qualified leads for a high conversion rate.
  • Marketing Strategy- we develop a detailed strategy based on current trends and information found during our research to get the best results at the best cost therefore, bring you our new client ROI that makes since.
  • Action- Put the plan to work and watch the campaign Closely with consultation with client/s to be sure results are what is expected, and goals being achieved

The New Way to Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates

our Digital Marketing Agency Lake City Delivers Local SEO For Small businesses that get results again and again. 

Free Online Presence Audit

know were you are verses your competition see first hand where your marketing campaign should be starting at.,.. Don't get Over Promised and Sold! Get Your Free Online Audit Today!

Need a new website we can help no matter Your Budget All web designs are SEO Ready and Mobile Responsive. meeting all of Google 2021 requirements. 

Exclusive SEO Lake City  Services! 

Our SEO Services are Exclusive to your business. which means if your a roofer and we are doing SEO for you Then we will Not Serve another Roofing company within you r service Area

Local Lake City Digital Marketing Campaigns

Do need a local boost  in you online presence we have ala carte' marketing services to do just that! contact us today to see how we can help you grow you local online presence in lake city

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EZLocal Hero is Your Digital Marketing Agency Lake City Boost Your Companies Online Presence! WE help Businesses to Generate targeted traffic and increase conversions with fully optimized websites. 

Conducting Regular online and SEO audits is very important for every businesses online presence as well as your  website. It helps to determine if your website is performing well or not, and what should be done to improve it further.

However, it’s more advisable and very important to perform a  and review prior to starting a new digital marketing campaign, Local SEO Lake City or even making changes on your website.

In a case whereby your content is poor, your marketing campaigns are stale, or your website design is even outdated, our on site design group will have to evaluate this scenario, after which we will suggest and implement a working Marketing strategy that is developed by assessing a number of different research results and resources.

Weather or Not you are in the roofing, Plumbing, Dogwalker, Real-estate niche ( if you are a business and you serve you local marketing and your main means of revenue in providing a service then, we work for You)

Looking For SEO consulting Services Check Out our Other Website 

Learn SEO Lake City  Tactics You Can Implement Today and get Results Tomorrow! 

Download My Ultimate SEO Guide For Local Small Businesses.. 

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What our customers are saying about Digital Marketing Lake City Services

structure pros review digital marketing

Cody and His Team Treated Us Good...

EZLocal Is building us a new website www.structure-pros.com and optimizing our Google My business Listings, as well as some video SEO for our youtube channel. we are seeing nice results even in the middle of the project. way to Go Guys! 

onlin marketing lake city

I seen Google Ranking on my new website in just two weeks. 

EZlocal hero built us a landing page for our Real Estate wholesaling course. not only did the sales funnel work very well turning prospects into leads it actually started to rank in google within the first two weeks....Thank you Cody and EZLocal Hero. 

Martin  //  JTE House Deals -Real Estate Investor

Local SEO Tips To Boost and Hold your Online Presence In Lake City

Consistent and accurate Business Information- your Business Name, Your Business Address, and your Business phone number otherwise Known as (NAP) needs to be consistent across the directories. one of the way's Google Ranks websites is by Trust, and having different phone numbers, addresses, and names will affect how legit Google sees your Business.

Content- Your Content needs to be unique, authoritative and should always flow with the keywords you are wanting to be found by instance if someone googles "what is the best roofing for Hurricanes" your article should be about a couple different roofing systems that hold up best in a hurricane.

Engagement: Update your Website, Google Maps, and Social Media accounts regularly with new content, if people are leaving reviews respond to those views. Google loves this as it shows you are a business who is active and will help your local Search Rankings.

How Does your SEO & Digital Marketing Lake City Services work?  

Our Marketing Research and development is a key factor for any business campaign to succeed. Without having a superlative call to action in place, your efforts to attract potential clients are likely to be inefficient and unproductive.

Implementing the right Marketing Strategies can be a great way to reach your goals faster while saving you money and time.

However, if you do not have the experience and right expertise to develop a working plan then your way to success can just be a matter of expensive trial and error.

This is why we have designed a wide range of marketing strategy solutions to help you throughout the process of growing your business today and into the future.

  1. 1
    At all times, you should actively focus your strategy on making sure that your products and services are in compliance with your customer needs. You are continuing Content Marketing, email marketing and most of all you must know your Target Markets. It’s impossible to speak a clear message and guide them through the sales funnel if you don't know who they are.
  2. 2
    Other Agencies will tend to focus on how many calls or forms they can get you (kinda like purchasing Facebook likes) the leads will be broad, useless and a waste of money. You don’t want to be called 30 year old men when your selling senior life insurance! Or a college kid trying to sell real estate.
  3. 3
    The Most Important Goal in a Marketing strategy   is to figure out and communicate your businesses services (solutions) and benefits to your ideal Targeted audience or market.

To achieve this, we all must develop super-flexible strategy that can answer to changes in clients’ demand and perceptions. This strategy will also help you to determine an entirely new market you can successfully target.

After we have successfully created and implemented the strategy, we will then monitor it closely to determine how effective it is, after which we will make necessary adjustments required to maintain your success.

Cody Torgerson  //  Owner of EzLocal Hero a SEO & Digital Marketing Lake City Florida

I was in the Construction Trade most of of life and owned an Insulation Business in Idaho before Getting into the Internet Marketing and SEO business. 

I started EzLocal Hero with the idea in mind to serve local services businesses in their marketing efforts. Because, I found it a struggle to find a marketing or lead gen company that had a company like me in mind.

I Understand the struggles the losses, the wins and yes even the tears and the laughs. My point is I can relate, I know what it takes, what works and what dont (in the 'big picture' over all since)

We commit in Building a Marketing Strategy that is custom Tailored to your Roofing Company

Cody Torgerson


90 Day Results Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get [a specific benefit that your product promises] by [a specific span of time in which you guarantee your product to yield results], just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Cody Torgerson

Grab This Easy To Follow SEO Guide  you will discover seo tasks you grandma can do that will make substantial changes in your Businesses.

If you own a car it is a good idea to know how to change a tire or put in a new battery...if you own a business it is also a good idea to know some simple SEO and Digital marketing skills that you can implement in you daily business life's. The is guide will show you some simple SEO Tactics that all professionals perform on a daily basis

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